The Perfect Women Business Suit For Every Body Type

According to some men, there’s nothing sexier than a woman in a well-fitted business suit. Every woman should have at least one great business suit in your closet that compliments her individual body type. The right one can improve your confidence and others perception of you on the job.

There are a few points to consider when shopping for the perfect business suit. First, you must take in account your budget. What exactly is your price range and whether you can afford more that one? If after assessing your finances, you discover that your wallet is a tad bit skimpy. There are some economical solutions to buying that perfect business suit. Consider shopping in discount stores like Kohl’s and Marshall’s. Here’s a trick, when purchasing a suit in venues previously mentioned, you should select one that has a traditional cut, as well as, a little larger in size. Then take the suit to your tailor and have them make adjustment for a more customized fit. Try to choose fabrics and colors that will work in all seasons. For instance, pastel and bright colors are worn more in the spring and summer seasons. Opt for darker colors such as browns, blacks, and blues. As for fabrics, select cotton- rayon blends, and like durable fabrics which are easy to maintain. Avoid patterns such as, strips, flowers, etc, in addition to, embellishments and distracting buttons. These attributes on a suit can date the look.

Just because it says ‘one size fits all’, doesn’t mean it will look great on every body type. It’s true those who are small and petite have more options, but any woman can look great if they keep their wits about them while in the throws of shopping. Today’s business fashions for women are more close fitting and feminine.

Try to seek out cuts that enhance your body type whether it’s angler, pear-shaped or plus-sized.Angler body types can be more daring, but they should avoid extremely tight clothes. This gives off the wrong impression and can be a distraction throughout the day. Plus-sized, curvy women should with round and fitted waist lines. To save time, try shopping for clothes designed for your body type. has great tips on buying just about anything, including ladies business wear. But for those who don’t or can’t afford a tailor, you can still have a clean look with a few important tips.

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