Finding Clothing To Flatter for Petite Ladies

Being petite is great. You don’t need to duck you head when you go through doorways, in fact you never need to duck your head for anything and you never have to worry about booking a seat with extra leg room on the aeroplane. But being petite also has its challenges which include buying ladies clothes to fit and suit you, not looking like a child and avoiding armpits whilst stood on the underground.

Today we are going to talk about how to find ladies clothes to fit and suit you (the other issues, I’m afraid you will have to work out for yourself). Petite is the description given to ladies who are 5ft 2 and under, most people don’t actually realise that the term petite includes all ladies of this height including plus sized. Being plus sized actually exaggerates the issues that most petite ladies experience in that it is difficult to keep the overall look in proportion. But it is possible to do by choosing your clothes carefully.

The fit of your clothes is very important. As a petite, baggy clothes that do not fit you properly will tend to drown you and make you look shorter, Well fitting clothes will be much more flattering. Whilst there are some clothes shops that specialise petite clothing, the choice can be a little limited. It is possible to find great clothes to fit and suit petites in most stores and online retailers as you know what you are looking for. Here are some tips for finding clothes to flatter if you are petite.

One Colour

This is an age old style rule for petites but it really does work. Wearing one colour lengthens the body particularly if that colour is black. A different colour top and trousers will create a horizontal?line across the middle which will make you look shorter.?If you want to take this rule to the extreme which includes wearing black trousers and top?or black dress with tights and shoes you will get maximum effect. Of course you can still add colour with accessories.?

Vertical Stripes

The vertical stripes rule is really simple. Any vertical or diagonal stripes will create an optical illusion which lengthens the body.


Fitted clothes work best for petites and the most flattering form of fitted clothes is tailored pieces.They match the line of the body so don’t add bulk but skim over lumps and bumps giving a streamlined silhouette.

Small scale patterns

As a petite you can wear patterns but generally the rule is the smaller the better. Large scale prints just make you look smaller.Polka dots, narrow stripes, ditsy florals and small scale abstract prints all work really well.


If you are short high heels will make you look smaller but too high and you will look out of proportion. Mid height heels and wedges will look especially good.

Cropped cardigans and jackets

Cropped cardigans and jackets fit so well with petite proportions, they will even make you look a little taller.

The sleeveless round neck black pleat shift dress?and the orange ruffle detail short v neck? cardigan?(pictured above)?are a really flattering choice for a petite lady.

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