Kasper Suits Have the Color, the Style and the Look that Works for You

Why does it seem like men’s suit lines always make the news? There are plenty of great, tasteful and well-made women’s suits perfect for today’s up-and-coming executive. Women’s suits have all the style and cut of a man’s suit, but the best are obviously designed to work for and with a woman’s body. That means she’s not dressing to look like a woman in a man’s suit. She is a woman in a woman’s suit and she is not intimidated by his three piece silk number with the vest and the “power tie”. This woman is the sort that Kasper Suits were created for.

It’s hard to pigeon-hole Kasper suits by cut or color or style. They are often single colored mix and match coordinating pieces that allow a woman with taste and an impression to make the options of accessorizing and coordinating it to best suit her figure and her agenda. Their timeless, classic lines are simple, clean and refreshingly free of ostentatious ornaments or frills. They are not “girly” suits. Of course, there is not any rule against taking a monochrome black suit and adding a snazzy black, red and gold print blouse and the right set of earrings and a pin to jazz it up.

Comfort & Options Provided by Kasper Suits

Another big plus for the Kasper suit line up is comfort. No one appreciates comfort more than an on-the-go working woman with a life outside the office and plenty of time on her feet while she’s in the office. The stretch fabrics and easy care materials used to craft these superlative women’s suits are a working woman’s dream come true. From their simple two piece skirt and jacket sets in good, reliable polyester that you wash and hang up to dry, to the more elegant and distinctively styled three-piece pants suits with matching jacket, slacks and top where two of the three pieces are also polyester, the care and maintenance of a fine Kasper suit fits right into the hectic lifestyle today’s woman is living twenty-four/seven. Even the pieces like the shells or shirts that are all Rayon need only be dropped off at the cleaners or you could opt for one of those home dry-cleaning kits to maintain them. However you look at it, these suits are low maintenance compared to most other brands but still as chic and stylish as any woman would want them to be.

Where to Find Kasper Suits

Another big plus with shopping for Kasper suits are your options. If you frequent better department stores, then you’ve probably seen and admired one of their many designs. Stores such as Macys, JC Penney and Dillards offer a wide selection of great Kasper designs for the working woman. If you are so busy you don’t have time to visit a store to shop, you can either opt to visit one of these store’s websites or shop for a stylish Kasper suit via the web stores such as Amazon.com, Smartbargains.com, Overstock.com and lots of others. A simple web engine search asking where you can purchase Kasper suits will yield you dozens of great places to explore all this fantastic, versatile line of women’s work/after-work apparel has to offer.

Size Doesn’t Matter

A lot of women shy away from wearing suits because of their body types. Very thin or tall women often think a suit makes them look less than feminine. Full-figured women, on the other hand, have trouble finding one that fits and flatters their generous curves. Fortunately, Kasper has enough designs (hundreds) that it can easily offer a suit to complement body types from either end of the spectrum and every one in between. There are even suits designed specifically for “plus sizes”, as well as for petites. A good, well cut suit, like one by Kasper, can even the playing field for working women, allowing the aspiring administrative assistant and the ladder-climbing assistant vice president to each find a style that not only makes them look good, but promotes them as an asset and might even help further their ambitions.

They are functional forms of clothing that, thanks to a superb cut, the use of classic colors and easily maintained fabrics, are fast becoming must-haves for a working woman’s wardrobe. It helps, in addition, that their travel well. After all, no one wants to spend their only night before the big presentation in a hotel room ironing wrinkles out their good suit. With a Kasper suit, you can hang it up and let the wrinkles simply work themselves out while you lounge by the pool… studying your notes.

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