Petite Suits – A Fusion of Traditional and Modern Dresses

Fashion and looking good does not mean to wear stylish and trendy clothes, it is much more than this. Fashion means to wear trendy clothes that flaunt your figure and go well with your personality and position. Therefore, if you want to look good and classy, you should pick trendy and chic clothes that you believe will complement well with your entire outlook. In this article, I will talk about some of the best clothes for petite figures. There is something special about these clothes and that is that they are a fusion of traditional and modern wear.

Over the years, clothes and ideas from other countries have inspired some of the most creative fashions. Beautiful fabrics, magical colors and shapes that are kind to the figure make them highly desirable. I have selected petite suits and dresses with a style of their own – – they are highly flattering for petite ladies. Following is my list:

The Polish artisan’s smock pays attention to fine details and is still worn in Poland for special occasions. You can team this with slender trousers in suede or brushed cotton.

The classic styling of a traditional Austrian jacket is updated with fun prints and looks great worn with casual jeans or more formal skirts.

The slimming lines of a Nehru-collared coat set off with a stunning scarf make an elegant impression.

Worn with a coordinating dress, a three-quarter length jacket, with its flattering collar, is perfect for most day and evening occasions.

Inspired by desert sands and dunes, the magic of Morocco comes alive in shades of terracotta, olive and ochre and subtle textured linen.

Matching mandarin jackets and trousers have been worn in China for thousand years. The color red (said to bring the wearer luck and fortune) is worn for weddings and festive occasions. Dress it up for evenings with sensational slippers and a sophisticated hair style.

Richly colored hand-knits and woven fabrics are the hallmark of Peruvian fashion. These are garments that transcend seasonal fads and will be worn forever by anyone who appreciates quality.

A long embroidered, fine cotton tunic over trousers in sheer comfort. Wear it in the evening all year round or daytime during the summer.

Leopard print silk separates leap into fashion with this eye catching ensemble. Or coordinate instead with a plain skirt or trousers.

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