Petites Sweaters – Finding the Right Sweater for Your Petite Figure

Let’s face it, finding petite clothing these days is not the easiest thing to do. Most of the time women like me find ourselves shopping in the teen section of the majority of department stores just to find the right sized clothes. It wouldn’t be such an issue if we were still teenagers, but were are not, and we need to find fashionable items that suit our age and lifestyle, not how we used to dress 20+ years ago!

It seems to be commonly known in the fashion industry that “petite” is considered anyone 5 feet 4 inches or shorter. The key to picking out the right clothing is to find styles that will compliment the shape and size of your petite body. Making a few changes in your wardrobe can definitely improve the appearance of a petite lady.

When shopping for petite sweaters, try choosing the right cuts and styles to accentuate your frame by paying particular attention to the neckline, arm length, and color/pattern.


Pick a sweater or cardigan that has a v-shaped neckline, because this type of style will help create the illusion of height. If you are “full-figured”, do not choose a sweater that is too baggy. Regardless of your size, form fitting is the way to go, not too tight, but certainly not baggy either.

Arm Length

While most sweaters and cardigans come with full length arms, try to find something with a shorter arm length. Ideally ? length arms are most suitable for your kind of frame to give the impression that your arms are longer. I have seen some of these styles at Banana Republic and J Crew to name a few.


A lot of sweaters come in solid colors, which is completely fine, but if you can find some with a vertical pattern, all the better. Vertical lines draw people’s attention up and down instead of side to side, giving the impression that the top looks longer and you look leaner and taller.

The bottom line when shopping for petite sweaters is obviously having patience, it does take time to find the right style, color and size. Remember that sizes do vary from one designer or brand to another, so establish what the best fit is from your favorite designers, and then you will be able to shop more confidently online, where you will most certainly find a wider selection of choices than in traditional retail stores.

For more information on petites sweaters and other unique clothing needs, check out our extensive website. Whether you are shopping for yourself, mom, sister, daughter or anyone else who is looking for a womens petite sweater, your search is over.

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