Tips For Buying Petite Lingerie

Lingerie is generally understood as meaning underwear and nightwear for women. In reality this banal definition obscures a topic that is very dear to a woman’s heart.

Women like to look good and feel appealing and the right lingerie not only feels good but also accentuates their body in a natural way. Because of the boost to their self esteem, women keep their favorite dainty underwear and night dresses for special occasions.

For all, shorter women have found it difficult to get lingerie that fit their smaller size especially around the shoulders and the bust (sagging straps and cups in bras are an example)

The average woman is about 5’4″ in height and women shorter than the average find it difficult to shop for lingerie that fits their body properly and brings out the best in their shape. Much of the lingerie is ill fitting and tends to bulge or to hang loose in the wrong places. Short women are often referred to as “petite” and this is why lingerie designed specifically for them is known as “petite lingerie”. Fortunately many manufacturers have realized the need for petite lingerie and therefore have created special stores or sections within stores that are devoted exclusively to petite lingerie. All the well known lingerie brands take into account that shorter women also have different body sizes, such as short arms and legs or smaller shoulders. Therefore offer a range of sizes that ensures a perfect fit. Here are some tips on buying petite lingerie:

– Shop at special stores or at least stores that have special sections that stock petite lingerie. You are far more likely to find an exact fit.

– Measure yourself accurately and check these measurements against the petite lingerie chart this will help you determine what sizes you should be looking for. Remember that the lingerie is often branded as a small, medium, or large (in this case PL or PM or PXL as the case may be). For instance, if you are buying bras, ensure a good fit by first picking the band size and then looking through the various cup sizes.

– When you are buying luxury bottoms, look for bottoms that have slits. These slits make your legs look longer and provide an illusion of height.

– Make sure you try out lots of different styling and sizes. Take your time and making your selection so that whether you have broad shoulders and narrow hips or the other way around, your selection suits your shape. You should end up by looking and feeling great in the lingerie that you have chosen.

There is plenty of variety in petite lingerie that is available today. You can take your choice of bustier, baby doll, teddy bear or camisoles as your fancy dictates. Looking good is all about feeling good and the right choice should leave you both looking and feeling at your best.

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