Searching For the Perfect Petite Women’s Clothing

Are you looking for petite women’s clothing because you have an occasion to attend? Is it a wedding or prom? Or is it a special event that requires a special dress but your being petite hinders you to land that “perfect” dress. If your height is only 5’4″ or below 162cm, finding perfect clothing should never be a problem because there are petite women’s clothing made especially for women of your height!

As the special occasion draws near, one obstacle you have to overcome is to find the ultimate petite women clothing that is suited for the occasion. There are times that the dresses we see in the fashion magazines or at the fashion shows aren’t suited for us. They look so sophisticated because of the person modeling them and we often think that this would not be the same if a petite woman is the one modeling those clothes. No need to feel bad about your height or yourself because there are clothing items that would certainly look good on you and you can find them at petite clothing stores.

People these days only know that petite women have a smaller body frame and are 5’4″ or below; however, what they do not know is that each person has a unique body shape. All of us are different in some kind of way. We have our own shape and distinct style. Thus, finding your exact body shape is not a walk in the park no matter what your size. Actually, there are five different body shapes suited for different types of dresses and petite suits.

The first kind is what we call the Rectangle type which usually has hips that are close to the width of the shoulders, with a small bust and usually no pronounced waistline. This kind of dress emphasizes your waist which creates an optical illusion that would drive the attention to the hips and the shoulders instead of the height of the person wearing it. The next is the diamond body shape. For this shape, the measurement of the waist is more than the shoulders. This kind of dresses usually drapes to the side and are not too wide or too fitted. The third is the Pear shape that displays a wider shoulder and bust. The body shape with shoulders much wider than the hips is called the Triangle shape. Last but not the least is the Hourglass. This shape displays equal size of shoulders and hips and this tends to have a well-defined waist. All these petite body shapes should be matched with the perfect style of clothing so as not to focus more attention on the height.

There are multiple ways and options that are available for petite women. Know your body shape and start your search from there. You can search the Internet or fashion magazines for great styles. Your height and body frame should not stop you from projecting your fashion style and uniqueness because there are petite women’s clothing items that will surely look good on you!

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