Plus Size Petite Clothing

The market for plus size petite women has been a hazy one at best in the past. Short plus size women want the same styles and patterns which their taller counterparts want without a lot of alterations. For a long time this market was not available to the plus size petite woman.

Times have changed. The retailers have listened and department stores now offer a section in their stores which cater to the diminutive woman. There are very few stores which offer petite sizes only, but there are some sources if you do an internet search. A short drive to another city might be in order if you prefer to try on the clothing which you purchase.

On the positive side, the major department stores which offer online shopping have listened to the market trends. They now offer loads of plus size petite clothing in every style and in every genre. You can have dresses, skirts, jeans, underwear and sleepwear sent to your house within a few days. There are many online clothing retailers. Just type in ‘plus size petite’ and the computer screen comes alive with sources.

The rules for a good fit remain true for the petite. Focus on your good points and draw the eye to your face and hair style. Choose colors which make your eyes sparkle and your skin tone glow. Do not draw attention to the skin which overflows from a poor fitting top or bottom. Jeans only flatter those who pick the proper size and leg style. Plus size petite women would suit a flared leg in either dress slacks or a jean.

Similarly bright colored tops draw attention to the face if they are in your color pallet, and if the top does not fit too skin tight. Loose tunic styles or kimono blouses would be flattering as they cover up the abdomen area. Go crazy with tops which are flattering to your upper half and draw the eye upwards. Jeans, skirts and slacks should be the best fit you can find and if you find a brand which fits you perfectly, shop there often and choose the same brand. Buy several of the same outfit in different colors. Have fun shopping for the plus size petite.

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