Petite Suits – Check Out Some of the Places You Can Find Petite Women’s Suits This Fall and Winter

The summer just seems to keep hanging around this year, but Fall and Winter are right upon us. The mornings and evenings are starting to get much cooler and the petite women’s closet is going to need a bit of sprucing up as the colder days set in.

Shopping for Petite Suits is not easy, heck; it’s not that straightforward trying to finding women’s business attire period! Here are some resources and a few fashion tips to help you find Petite Women’s Suits that will give you a polished and professional look.

Since many stores are taking on board that they need to cater more to the petite market, some of the guess work is alleviated for you, but just because it’s on the racks doesn’t mean it is going to suit your particular body style.

Petite Business Suit Tips

Most business suits and outfits are going to look sharp and professional, and the stores listed below are going to give you a business savvy image. Just bear in mind that Petite Suits and business attire should not reveal too much skin. Some outfits that you will come across will typically be more suited to taller woman. Don’t go for scoop neck lines, but pick a dress shirt and jacket that buttons up enough to not show too much skin around the neck line. A skirts length should be around knee height, and dress pants should be form fitting and pin-striped for that taller more slender look.

Try to avoid patterned jackets and skirts, and go with solid colors. According to the fashion world camel and gray are the colors for this season which can be paired nicely with copper, golden brown, mahogany, and denim. Wear a nice pair of heeled similar colored shoes to help elongate your appearance, and make sure your jacket falls at or below your hips. Buttoned jacket dresses for petites create an appealing vertical line and professional look.


Some retails stores and websites to find Petite Business Suits


Banana Republic

This store has always been good at catering towards petite framed ladies, and business suits are no exception. They have a nice range of lightweight wool suits in charcoal gray navy, and black. They have jackets, blazers, pencil skirts, and straight-legged pant combinations for the modern and stylish look.

Liz Claiborne

The good thing about shopping for Liz Claiborne clothes is that you can not only visit their own branded stores, you can find them in other department stores such as JC Penney and Macy’s. They carry shawl collared suits, which are basically jackets and matching pant combinations. They have two piece twill pant suits, plaid and solid color jackets, and two, three, and four buttoned jackets in various different styles. Selection seems to be the main advantage with Liz Claiborne, with most items being very competitively priced. You can pick up a nice skirt for under $30 at JC Penney!


If you prefer to do your shopping online then Appleseed’s has a good selection of petite clothing including business dresses and suits. Prices are going to bit a little higher than some other stores in the mall, but you can find a few more unique items for the mature business woman. They have machine washable jacket dresses in several colors, with the dress portion being short-sleeved which is ideal if you work in a warm office. To accompany your business suit, they sell a wrinkle-free long sleeve dress shirt that comes in your choice of over 20 different colors.

Norm Thompson

They have a fairly wide selection of petite clothing, but not a great selection of business suits. If you are looking for dress pants, you can find plenty of them, and also the occasional blazer, but don’t look to Norm Thompson for a complete selection of business attire. Most of their petite clothing line is more casual, but you can find some nice pants and even smart sweaters to go over an existing business outfit.

For more information on Petite Suits and other unique clothing needs, check out our extensive website. Whether you are shopping for yourself, mom, sister, daughter or anyone else who is looking for Petite Womens Suits, your search is over.

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