How to Choose a Petite Dress to Suit You

The art of dressing for the Petite Figure

For petite figures, that is women 5’4″ and under, get a fitted dress that shows off your figure. Try out petite ranges in stores and online, these have been made specially for the petite figure, so have a much better fit. Try some

vintage clothes stores, as these tend to be full of great petite buys.

When choosing a dress, choose something which has just one colour, and best to choose dark colours, this will give you a streamlined effect. To elongate your body, choose a dress with a short skirt and make sure you wear a pair of heels as this is the biggest thing you can do to make yourself taller! Keep things simple for the most amazing effect.

Here are a few tips:

Keep prints in proportion to you figure, no bigger then the palm of your hand, otherwise you will look like a clown.
Wear 3/4 sleeves, on dresses, shirts and jumpers.
Avoid too much jewelry, or at least heavy jewellery.
When layering, wear light weight materials like cotton, linen and especially silks.
Wear monochromatic colours.
When wearing separates avoid contrasting colours such as a navy skirt and a white top, go for an all-in-one colour way.
Keep in mind that the more fitted the look, the more flattering it will be.

If you are petite, then there are many options for you but the best is something figure-hugging and knee length.

For further tips and ideas for how to choose and co-ordinate your clothes, visit Petite dresses

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